Various combinations of human capabilities augmented through powerful applications of machine learning and AI will continue to dominate business models. Several emerging companies of the future are hard at work developing innovative solutions for a variety of problems. You are one of them. But, there's just one of you and a large global playground- how can you augment your strengths and grow affordably?    
Working with me allows you to develop your start up or SME business in a smart, strategic way.
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Typical step 1
Structured discovery of your business and growth vision.
Outcome: Common understanding and framework of what we are jointly working towards. 
Typical step 2
Development of new business, first leveraging your own raw material in the region of interest (networks, partnerships, industry footprint to name a few) to its fullest. So, now, we've flung the pebble with a strong hand into the lake. What next? We make ripples in the following ways: 
a) Top-down: Industry trends<>your shortlist<>top companies
b) Disruption: Search out uncommon connections<>multi-disciplinary applications<>most likely partners<>your shortist.
Typical step 3
Lead generation
Use case exploration
Strategic partnership development
Account management
Public relations & Brand glow support
Project manage pilots















Connect with Me

Luckily, the answers to all the hypothetical questions above are, "YES!". I partner with startups to realize your go-to-market and beyond, or as a Swiss friend of mine likes to say, "nicht nur innerhalb der Mauern!"  


Startups have brilliant ideas, but they also benefit from augmenting key strengths; I am this person, working right beside you on business topics, removing obstacles and seeking opportunities for you every step of the way.


Quality, strategic execution, and concrete action describe my engagement. When you need a partner with global business acumen, who speaks multiple languages and is located in Central Europe and is affordable to you, you can count on me. 


I serve as a contributing editor for the Diplomatic Courier, a global affairs media network connecting technology and policy. If formal credentials interest you, mine include: Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) business applications at MIT, Project Management at Stanford, Finance College at Novartis, PMP certification at PMI, and an Environmental Engineering degree.


Let’s schedule a time to discuss how I may be of help to you.

phone:  +41 78 941 3269

Strategic Execution